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Kanzlei am Phoenixsee

Welcome to the website of Tax Consultancy Weingartz

Important Information:

As a tax consultant I can only handle tax matters. If you have other business (e.g. real estate matters), you will need to contact a lawyer for all legal advice.

If you are not fluent in German it can be very difficult to handle German tax affairs or to find more information about the tax system in Germany. There are a number of questions about the best tax strategy and the individual tax situation. 

•    How do I handle my German income tax return? 
•    What rules apply to freelance work in Germany? 
•    What kind of expenses are tax-deductible? 
•    Can I apply for a double housing in my tax return? 

All of these questions (and others) should be answered with the support of a reliable and professional tax consultant. If you have any questions, I look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that all enquiries in English have to be send via e-mail to

Our services :
We provide the following services for English speaking clients and foreign companies:

  • German income tax returns

  • Consulting of foreign freelancers in Germany

  • Setting-up a German business (only tax-related services)

  • Company formation (only tax-related services)

  • Accounting services

We look forward to meeting you! 


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